Name:Chris van Veghel                                                                               Label:chrisvanveghel|accessory design 
 Location:Amsterdam, the Netherlands 
 Phone:+31(0)6 21216544 
 Freelance design for:Koda Amsterdam 
 Urban Outfitters 

chrisvanveghel is the label of
Chris van Veghel accessory designer living in Amsterdam.
I design and manufacture my own small scale collection of bags and accessories.
What create is inspired by the potential of the material work with. The label 'chrisvanveghel' is characterised by simple lines , sustainability, quality materials and all handmade. The collection consists of bags, wallets, sleeves etc. 

Online shops:

Storerooms - Shueng Wan, Hongkong
Divina Martina - Bilbao, Spain
Friday Next - Amsterdam
& Klevering - Amsterdam
BrandMission - Haarlem